How old is too old?

Hi Dr. Patty Ann,
I was wondering your thoughts on how old is too old. He is 12 years my senior, and I do notice differences in our reactions to certain situations. We’ve discussed “what we are” and both decided we weren’t in favor of labels, but we are “dating.” I recently discovered he has a dating profile on one of the free dating sites which is still active. We didn’t meet online so I wasn’t sure how to bring up the subject. I just want to be sure he isn’t sleeping with anyone else for my own health.

– Age just a number

Dear Age just a number,
Thanks for reaching out to me. I’m not so sure your question has to do with age or wanting to know if you and your boyfriend are in an exclusive relationship with each other.

My advice is the old adage: “honesty is the best policy” – tell him you saw him on a dating site and ask him if your relationship is exclusive or not. Be prepared, however, for him to inquire as to what YOU were doing on a dating site.

Hope that helps.


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