My wife shows no interest in sex anymore

Dear Dr. Patty Ann,
My wife tells me that our marriage is fine, but she shows no interest. We never have sex unless I initiate it and when I talk to her about it, she tells me that she does not need it like I do. We have been married for 14 years and I feel that she has changed drastically from when we met. It almost feels like she is having an affair.

Should I be concerned?

– Confused

Dear Confused,
Thank you for reaching out to me with this painful situation. It is difficult for me to tell if you should be concerned about your wife having an affair due to such little information. The fact that you say she has changed a lot since you first got married suggests you need to re-connect to each other -as we are all a different person today than we were 14 years ago. The secret to a long-term committed marriage is to grow and evolve together – not grow apart as we change. Although it would be nice if she initiated sex, since she doesn’t, then my suggestion is you continue to initiate sex and make it fun and interesting – don’t keep score here. I strongly suggest you purchase my “Relationship Toolbox: Rekindle Romance and Happiness in Your Relationship” to reignite and reconnect with your wife. This product has an incredibly proven track record of helping couples in your situation.


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