No time for sex anymore


Dear Dr. Patty Ann,


We use to have sex all the time but now, with 3 kids, 2 jobs, the dog and running the house – we hardly ever have time for sex anymore. What should we do Dr. Patty Ann?

-Sexless but in Love

Dear Sexless but in Love,

All you have to do is prioritize sex in your marriage by having both you and your husband put it on your “to do list”, and then “schedule” like any other important appointment you would have in your life. And don’t worry that scheduled sex won’t be romantic – it will still be a lot better than NO sex. Just the notation on both of your calendars will add to the interest level. You each may take the opportunity to spice things up by sending flowers, cards, chocolates and even a sweet text or handwritten note placed in the purse or wallet where each will set it on that special day. This will enhance your potential view of “What, we actually schedule sex?”

Dr. Patty Ann
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